Special Therapy

Eternal Creator of all Therapies and Intervention 

Your 15 to 30-day individualized program that addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Specific to Your Individual Requirements

See your life’s challenges through the eyes of the Eternal Creator of all

With the care and guidance of the Eternal Creator of All, you can reach your full potential.

Be the best you can be and reach your highest goals and possibilities.

Define your specific goal for the next 15 or 30 days

Allow us to assist you in achieving your goals of wholeness.

Here is where you will uncover the underlying causes of your struggles, setbacks, and burdens that are hindering your progress in life. Take them out of your life and take back total control. Start living in accordance with the care and guidance of the Eternal Creator of All.

The Eternal Creator of All Center concentrates on the ACTUAL cause of your problems in order to aid in the healing of all areas.

Your path to optimal health, happiness, peace, comfort, and wholeness can begin with a cleansing, renewal, and rejuvenation.

We will help you make the right decisions and provide solutions that will benefit you.

Our Wholeness Consultation, Intervention, and Personalized Prayer Therapy will address the following issues:

detoxifying your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Understand and fulfill the purpose that the Eternal Creator of all has for your life daily.

Align your choices and decisions with those of the Eternal Creator, who has ultimate authority over everything, visible or invisible.

Merge your will with that of the Creator of all.

Get a fresh start in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Cleanse your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. Eliminate traces of negative inheritance, ancestral issues, negative feelings, and hexes. Heal from traumatic experiences. Remove negative energy, negative forces, depression, anxiety, abuse, curses, hindrances, negative influences, and any other barriers that stand in your way.
Mend a damaged heart and heal a soul that has been shattered.

And much more.

Embrace a new beginning by letting go of the past and all of its negative influences, including ideas, images, emotions, habits, and mindsets.

  • Daily Prayer that is specific to your set goal.
  • Hands-on help to choose the right food to eat daily for your overall physical and spiritual health.

We offer physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support and intervention, including prayer therapy for mental, emotional, and psychological health, as well as substance abuse treatment and monthly monitoring.

         And much more

After your sessions, we will offer ongoing prayer support, check for spiritual challenges, manipulations, control, and obstacles, and support you closely to track your progress towards your goals. You will not be abandoned to care for yourself.


Join us from anywhere in the world via video, audio, chat, telephone.

Payment options

15 days Sessions 

  • ONE ON ONE $1700
  • GROUP $1200 per person.

Monday to Friday. 1 hour each session.

30 days Sessions 

  • ONE ON ONE $3000
  • GROUP $2500 per person

Monday to Friday. 1 hour each session.

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