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Equip yourself with the right tools to make your marriage work and run smooth.

Marriage Therapy

Most of us acknowledge that there are aspects of our lives that we want to change if only we had the time or the ability to address the problem. We may want to give up a habit, lose weight, or find a better way of raising our children. Maybe our careers or relationships are unsatisfying. We may experience persistent or lingering health issues, or we may feel that we are unfulfilled spiritually.

Make your Relationship, Marriage, and Family, Work & Run Smooth

DR. YISHRAYL STELLA UTAH MBA, ND, CCN, and Minister Consulting can offer any of the following benefits to couples: an improved overall process that increases marital satisfaction, reduce, or eliminate ineffective patterns such as predictable arguments and poor conflict resolution, increase parenting skills including typical problems with a step or blended families, improve trust and confidence in the marriage, prevent divorce, increase intimacy and recover from affairs.

It can sometimes be very difficult for couples to create their own solutions to all of these problems, particularly as they have lost objectivity. Both partners can often be stuck to their guns and really believe that if their partner “would only see it my way, the problem would be solved”.

And to make the matter worse, more couples often receive well-intended advice from friends or family members that often oversimplify the problem or may have worked for the advice-giver but doesn’t apply to that couple’s unique dynamics and history.

At the Eternal Creator of All, we take both a holistic and biblical approach to counsel couples and families on their journey through life. Too many of us are stripped of our identities and do not know who we are.

The Eternal Creator of All offers unique services that address not just the physical aspects of a family and marriage, but the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual ones as well. We help guide the family accordingly so they can live as part of the Eternal Creator’s own family.

Creating a happy family starts with you, in your home, and inside of your mind. Couples need to continually work on their marriage first. Parents need to learn how to pray for their children – it’s one of the most important things a parent can do for their child.

We offer various personalized family, marriage, and related services at the Eternal Creator of All Family:

Relationship And Pre-Marital Counseling and Prayer Therapies

Couples planning to make the lifelong commitment to one another through marriage may benefit from our Consultation, Prayer, Intervention, background checks, and Support Center.

We will help you to identify and address issues in your relationship and provide tailored guidance on lingering issues that have the potential to destroy your relationship and marriage plans from the beginning if not identified and eliminated.

The pre-marital stage is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of your relationship. Our teachings follow the Bible, and our counseling methods are distinct and individualized according to the specific need of the individual. This allows you to explore all aspects of commitment, trust, and related issues at your own pace.

We also advise both of you to get background checks physically and spiritually on each other and do spiritual cleansing before marriage.

Marriage Ceremony and Vows

In several countries, there are millions of divorces each year. One factor that is often cited to lead to divorce is a lack of communication, and of course spiritual unseen spirits.

With the pressures and struggles of everyday life filtering into our married lives, it is vital that marriage is built on a solid foundation of Eternal Creator and within the principles and guidelines set forth by the Eternal Creator.


At the Eternal Creator of All Center, we initiate the marriage ceremony and vows in a Biblical manner and with spiritual truth. We also plan marriage ceremonies according to the couple’s personal visions and expectations. And will work closely with you to ensure your big day is a success and everything you dreamed that it would be.

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You may decide to have a vow renewal for many reasons. Renew your commitment to each other and show that the vows you took are still considered important.

Recommit each other and your vows to the Eternal Creator.

Marriage and Family Consultation, Prayer Therapies, and Intervention

Marriage is a team effort. Even the most compatible couples often struggle to find a balance between their lives at times. When the honeymoon phase is over, the reality of life tends to sink in, exacerbating problems that might already have been lying beneath the surface.

And once children are born into a marriage, they bring with them a whole new set of challenges that can be hard to overcome if both parents aren’t working together to resolve them.

Our Consultation, Prayer Therapies, and Intervention services will teach you how to work together as a team with your spouse and confront your problems and challenges in order to resolve and get rid of them, so you can maintain a happy home.

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Core Beliefs and Values

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to take time to reflect on what you want your marriage to be. What values do you want to uphold? What do you want your relationship to look like? Your marriage vows are a chance to express these things to your partner and to the world.

It is very important to commit your marriage to the Eternal Creator of All.

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