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Focused Prayer Therapies, Intervention, And Support for Individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Consult from anywhere with mobile devices. Join our Prayers Hour with the Prayer Clock.

Monday to Thursday 9.30 AM EST

Daily Physical and Spiritual Cleansing of the various layers of you
Daily Physical and Spiritual Cleansing of the various layers of you
Several types of negativities can accumulate in your layers.
Within these layers exist toxins, parasites, bacteria, negative spiritual forces, negative energies, evil spirits, ancestral spirits, negative objects, or Negative implants. You should be Cleansed, Renewed, and Rejuvenated to experience wholeness to be your best to utilize your unique attributes and to manifest your full potential. It is important to take care of all your various layers. Awareness is the key. It is time to get to the root causes of these problems that you may be experiencing in your life. Such as negative beliefs, negative thoughts, negative choices, abuse, trauma, health issues, financial issues, marriage, children’s issues, bad relationships, divorce, separation, conflicts and much more.
Remove the root causes of the problems and Be Cleansed.

Negative spiritual forces can return, so you must be consistent with constant daily prayers. Group sessions are designed to help you cleanse your layers from the root. this is the one you don’t want to miss!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 11 AM EST

The Chosen Daughters Women Focus

The goal of the Chosen Daughters Women’s Support Meeting is to give women a space to find their inner strength by connecting to pray in unison and support each other. The group also offers participants an opportunity to showcase their businesses and/or talents for the group Very rarely do you come across women from different backgrounds with common prayer goals and interests. The truth spoken will give you the true knowledge and guidance to make positive changes in your life.

We are talented. We are unique. As the chosen daughters of eternal Creator of all, we will all benefit when we share our talents, uniqueness, and accomplishments. You deserve a life that allows for the expression of your creativity and to share your rare and special talents with the world. To be yourself It’s time to take your power back and take full control of your life again. Iron sharpens iron and the amazing women you’ll meet will help you reignite that flame so you can start living the life you’ve always imagined.

You’ll be able to share your knowledge, creativity, and talents with other women across the globe Chosen daughters of the Eternal Creator of All. This is our time!

Every Monday 12.30 PM EST

Relationship, Marriage, Vows and Family

A lot of people are married but very few are SUCCESSFULLY MARRIED. Relationships and marriage involve a team effort. Even the most compatible couples often struggle to find a balance and common ground within their lives at times. Our Prayer Therapies, Intervention, and Support services will teach you how to work together as a team with your partner and confront your issues. You’ll learn how to create a safe space for your relationship to blossom. Our Prayer Therapies, Intervention and Support services can help your family see and understand each other’s points of view. We pray for solutions that appease everyone, while keeping your family’s best interest in mind. We also pray about Singles, Extended Family, Pre-marriage engagement, Children, Conflicts, Separation, Divorce, and much more. Join us

Every Wednesday 12:30 PM EST

Whole Health, Mental wellness, Abuse, Addiction and Trauma

Are you experiencing Health issues, Mental health issues, Abuse, Addiction, or trauma? Join us to pray and tackle these issues through Eternal Creator of all

Every Tuesday at 12:30 PM EST

Brought Together and Enjoy the Moments

We created a relaxed and joyful virtual place where you can come to distress, relax and enjoy the moments. Think of this as your safe place where you get to just relax and enjoy the hour of pure serenity. MEDITATION

Every Friday 6:30 PM EST

Eternal Creator of all Deep Wisdom Prayer and Teachings

With our Eternal Creator of all Deep Wisdom Prayer and Teachings, you can learn deeper things about the Eternal Creator of all and how to pray effectively. This is about the Eternal Creator of all so you can have a deeper connection and relationship with the Eternal Creator of all

Every Saturday 10 AM EST

55 Years and Beyond this life

Life After Death -what happens after you leave this planet? What happens to your loved ones? This life will end, what kind of life have you created? What lessons have you learned? Are you lonely? Join Eternal Creator of all family Prayer
What will you leave behind? It is not late.

Every Saturday 12 Noon EST