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Learn ways to successfully manage and sustain a thriving family.

Family Therapy

Sessions include: Relationship, Engagement, pre-Marriage, background check on your partner, Marriage Vows, Marriage Ceremony, Start your marriage with the Creator of all.

Want a better relationship with your significant other, extended family, and children? This is exclusively designed to help you cultivate and enjoy a greater sense of peace, happiness, and tranquility in your family.

Whether you’re going through a rough patch (Arguments, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Adoption, Separation, and Divorce, ETC), need a tune-up, or believe things could be better – take advantage of our one-on-one counseling options to dissect and breathe a new life into your relationships and family.
The Eternal Creator of All offers unique services that address not just the physical aspects of a family and marriage, but the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual ones as well. We help guide the family accordingly so they can live in complete harmony as part of the Eternal Creator’s own family.

Safety For Your Family and Loved Ones

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