What We Do and How We Do it

Inspired to leverage on the True Knowledge of the Creator of All!

We provide adequate learning about the Eternal Creator of all, many layers of self, mastering the right kind of prayer to pray at each circumstance, improving one’s selves and getting the key to uniting heart, mind, and body into a powerful vessel that ripples the Creator’s love and positivity out into the world.

We offer several different services, prayer, and coaching specifically designed to help you succeed in all areas of your life, relationships, and business. We offer prayer hour, prayer therapy intervention, and coaching services. These services encompass focus prayer, meditation, mind, body, and the spirit to get rid of dark forces interfering with your life and success. Whether your focus is spiritual based interventions, family, relationship problems, marriage counseling, life coaching, or overcoming addiction of any kind, mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, or all the above, we have got you covered.

We provide a safe space for deep reflection and dynamic self-improvement for individuals from all walks of life. All our services incorporate prayer and communion with Eternal Spirit.

Core Beliefs and Values

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Everyday Routine

Meditation and prayer therapy are important spiritual practices that should be a big part of our daily lives. The goal of our prayer treatment is to communicate with the Eternal Creator of all. Prayer therapy is a tool that can be utilized to show appreciation, request forgiveness, and ask for direction. You will discover that our prayer therapy will assist you in experiencing a sense of connection to the Eternal Creator of all, as well as a sense of comfort and calm for yourself. When you participate in our prayer treatment and meditation, you will be engaging in a mental activity that requires you to focus your mind and thoughts on the Eternal Creator of all. Activities that will assist you in achieving a state of mental clarity, emotional calm, and increased spiritual and self-awareness

Our Purpose

Every one of our services includes prayer. The Creator of All Center is a safe place to reflect and improve yourself in a dynamic way through focused meditational prayer. According to Dr. Utah, there is no distinction between the many layers of oneself. Saying the right prayer at the right moment is the key to uniting the heart, mind, emotion, and body into a powerful vessel that radiates the love and goodness of the Eternal Creator out into the world.

Our Goals

You must acknowledge and comprehend the Supreme Eternal Creator of All as an attentive co-creator in your day-to-day activities. To tap into the ever-present presence of the Eternal Creator of all, we will recommend a set of prayers to serve as an access point to the Eternal Creator of all's flowing presence. Dr. Utah's innovative approach to prayer encompasses all facets of your existence. She takes a compassionate yet direct approach to bringing your entire being into harmony with the plan of the Eternal Creator. This includes your body, mind, emotion, heart, spirit, genes, consciousness, and subconscious. Making prayer a regular part of your daily practice will make your life more satisfying as you develop clarity of purpose, mental concentration, and behavioral stability. Dr. Utah's life goal is for your prayers to be answered and for people's lives to be improved. Her primary strategy is a rebirth in the exact practice of enlightened prayer.

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Our Values


Prayer unlocks the creative connection that exists between you and the Eternal Creator of all.


Truth's meanings differ from person to person, but its essence is the same, and it can only be experienced when one is in open connection with the Eternal Creator of all. You are taught not only how to absorb truth but also how to reflect truth back into the world. In other words, the Creator of all instructs you to pray and create passionately from the heart, as well as to be true to yourself and others. Most individuals are split beings, but in order to be fully effective, you must understand what it means to be complete. Members of the Eternal Creator of all family receive practical assistance tailored to their own needs, but it is ultimately up to you to take the activities required to make meaningful


Precise prayer—and the acts that follow it—will yield effects over time. Patience and persistence are essential and are based on your beliefs.



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Chief Product Specialist

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Head, Admin & HR

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Director of Health & Wellness

Meet Dr Yishrayl Stella Utah

Yishrayl Stella Utah, BS, MBA, CCN, ND Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah has worked for a variety of international organizations in the past and continues to do so. She has over eighteen years of expertise and has helped people heal on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. Additionally, she has provided counseling services to both individual clients and huge institutions. Dr. Stella Yishrayl Utah has been a teacher on radio and television for a number of years. She has provided instruction in the disciplines of spirituality, nutrition, health, and deliverance. As a result, she has assisted a great number of people in achieving their physical and spiritual goals.
Dr. Stella Yishrayl Utah has founded and directed a number of organizations, including charitable organizations, churches, health care services, and security companies. She has worked in the field of mental and emotional health for a number of years, and she previously owned and operated a mental health clinic that served adults, children, and families. Her skills as a naturopathic alternative healthcare practitioner and lifestyle counselor, as well as her ordination as a minister and her unwavering commitment to helping others, have made a lot of people happy all over the world.
Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah is an anointed leader who is always committed to giving you high-quality, personalized counseling and instruction that fits your needs in terms of your spiritual health, physical health, and emotional security.